Your Gun.
Your Ammo.
No Excuses.

We don't simulate, we prove.

Deadly force decision-making is a two-part process involving both judgment and fire-arms skills. Any video simulator can prepare you for the first part but only a live-fire system can prove your competence with the weapon system and ammunition you carry on the job.

Firearms training isn’t a video game. Pretending with laser-firing weapons that simulate recoil gives no indication of your ability to hit hostile human targets with live ammunition. In fact, trainees exposed only to simulated firearms attempt shots on the street that they don’t have the live-fire skills to accomplish, putting themselves, the public and their agencies at risk.

The CAPS DVD system combines the two-part decision-making process into dynamic skill-building training, replicating as closely as possible the realities faced by those who go in harms way. The guns are real, the ammunition is real, the distances are real and the people on the screen are real.

Top Features

  • Sound-activated DVD based
  • Train with any firearm and ammo
  • Live-fire out to 150 yds.
  • Portable, easy to set up and use
  • 800-scenario library
  • Simple keypad operation (no computer)
  • Use in indoor, outdoor or mobile range
  • Classroom training with plastic bullets
  • Audio transmitted to hearing protection
  • Paper screen, patched with white tape
  • Displays time of each shot fired
  • Reviews every shot in slow motion
  • On-screen scenario teaching points
  • System dimensions: 24”x21”x21”
  • Weight: 100 lbs.
  • Power: 500 Watts,120 Volts


“Our Firearms Training Unit developed scenarios that we thought were key situations that could occur in our city. You developed these scenarios into a professional product that we have integrated into our training sessions. These scenarios make our CAPS system a Newton-specific training tool. Thank you!”
Captain of Police, Howard L. Mintz, City of Newton, MA Police Department