The Canadian Academy of Practical Shooting was incorporated under the laws of Canada in 1991 and is owned by Dave Young. Its activities include the design and manufacture of video-based firearms judgment training systems, the production of judgment training scenarios and firearms-related training videos, the teaching of defensive firearms and live-fire judgment training courses, motion-picture firearms consulting and on-set firearms handling.

Meet Dave Young

Dave Young is President, C.E.O. and Director of Training of CAPS Inc. and the creator of the CAPS live ammunition firearms judgment training system. For over twenty-five years he has been training civilians and certifying armed professionals in the judicious use of deadly force.

He is currently an adjunct instructor with Sig Sauer Academy and served as an adjunct instructor with Smith & Wesson Academy for more than 12 years. Dave is a member of the Advisory Board of the annual National Patrol Rifle Conference (NPRC).

Dave Young is recognized as an instructor by the Quebec Provincial Police, The International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors, and the International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association.

Research & Writing

He is involved in the research of officer involved shootings with the Police Policy Studies Council (PPSC). He is the author of "Reasonable and Necessary, Defensive Firearms Ownership and Use in Canada”.

In 1998 Dave Young designed the “CAPS Imminent Danger Triangle” a simple visual training aid to assist officers in their decision-making process and in articulating their use of force decisions.

Dave is a pioneer in the area of judgment training in Canada. He set up the Aviron Security Academy in Montreal in 1987 with the first Firearms Training System "FATS" system sold in Canada. He taught with various laser and live-fire systems including FATS, Cinetronic, Duelatron and Radcom before designing his CAPS video-based judgment training systems.

Teaching & Training

He has taught hundreds of students ranging from security and law enforcement officers to civilians and has lectured at the New England Sniper Summit, the Illinois Tactical Officers Association Annual Conference, the International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association Annual Conference and the National Patrol Rifle Conference and Competition.

For more than 10 years he was responsible for the firearms training and qualification of all Brinks employees in the province of Quebec and is involved in the certification of Brinks firearms instructors.

Media & Film

Young has overseen the handling of firearms on over 45 television and feature film projects in the province of Québec. He was instrumental in drafting the norms governing the safe handling of firearms on film and television sets in the Province of Québec.

Dave Young specialized in Film at the Communication Studies Department of Montreal’s Concordia University.



  • Firearms Instructor, Smith & Wesson Academy
  • Sub-machinegun Instructor, Smith & Wesson Academy
  • Interactive Firearms Training Instructor, Smith & Wesson Academy
  • Range Master, Sig Sauer Academy
  • Master Use of Force Instructor, Police Policy Studies Council
  • Firearms Instructor-Trainer, Police Policy Studies Council
  • Force-on-Force Scenario Instructor, Northeast Wisconsin Technical College.